Data Sharing

This website uses an Indicia Data Warehouse hosted by the Biological Records Centre (a group within the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology).


Data confidentiality

Given the large volume of data collected, the pooling of results will allow statistically rigorous outputs to be combined with practitioners’ knowledge and expertise to form a transparent evidence base.  We acknowledge that confidentially issues can prohibit information being made publicly available, Ecobat therefore offers a range of data sharing options:

Do not publish:  Data will be securely stored and only used to improve Ecobat algorithms. Data will not be shared with any external organisations or be visible to any other users.

Blur records to 10km:  Data will be shared with the National Biodiversity Network’s (NBN) ‘Consultant Portal’ and Local Biological Records Centres at a 10km resolution. The precise locational data will be securely stored by Ecobat and only used to improve Ecobat algorithms. 

Public:  Data will be shared with the National Biodiversity Network and Local Biological Records Centres at full resolution. 

Data security

Data imported to Ecobat are stored on the Indicia data warehouse, hosted by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology where the security of the server is governed by the NERC security policy; servers are backed up nightly and firewalls are in place to ensure data security.

Commerical Use

Ecobat may be used for commercial purposes and is freely available to all. By depositing data you are agreeing for it to be used in this way.